Recommended Reading

Jim K, a member of AFW’s steering committee highly recommends National Geographic’s book “The Hidden Life of Wolves” by filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher with forward by Robert Redford.
The Dutcher’s project took them into the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, where they lived or six years near a wolf family year round. They observed and photographed the intimate lives and behavior of the wolves, including their grief at the death of a pack mate, exuberant play and friendships, excitement over birth of pups, shared role of raising pups and teaching the needed skills to survive.
The book is filled with intimate portraits of all manner of rarely seen social action and activities. The photographs are revealing, touching and intimate.
The experience has led to three documentary films and three Emmy Awards and the founding of the non profit: Living With Wolves.
Check it out HERE.


Featured Author: Carl Safina

Our AFW poet and author in residence, 50 plus year Alaskan Frank Keim tells that celebrated award winning author and marine biologist Carl Safina is likely today’s best nature writer. Safina weaves decades of field observations with new discoveries about the brain, and his latest, “Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel” is a wonderful addition to his already stunning body of work.

In “Beyond Words”, Safina offers an intimate view of animal behavior that challenges the boundary between human and non-human animals. Through his own experience he brings insight into unique personalities of animals, and the apparent similarity between human and non human consciousness, self-awareness, and empathy steers us to reevaluate how we interact with animals.

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