Pebble Mine Update

Last week the EPA told the US Army Corps of Engineers in Alaska that they would not formally object to the proposed Pebble Mine plan. This lack of objection comes despite the EPA’s supposed concerns about the plan, including that dredging for the open-pit mine “may well contribute to the permanent loss of 2,292 acres of wetlands and. . . 105.4 miles of streams.”

The proposed Pebble Mine plan consists of a 20-year plan to extract copper, gold and molybdenum from a deposit near the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery. Pebble Mine’s application also states that it plans to mine a 1 mile wide and quarter-mile deep pit, construct a private 83-mile long road, lay 188 miles of natural gas pipeline, develop a private port facility on Cook Inlet (extending four miles into the water), and build massive storage facilities, dams, and power plants.

If built, it will be largest mine in North America. Such a mine would put not only wildlife at great risk, but also Native villages, commercial fishing, and Alaska’s economy as a whole. The public has fought the building of Pebble Mine for years, and yet the administration continues to move forward. Join the fight today.

Learn more at Save Bristol Bay.

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