HR 5127: Refuge from Trapping Act

Have you heard of the Refuge From Trapping Act HR 5127? Proposed last year and  championed by US Rep. Nita Lowery, (D-NY), chairwoman of the US House Appropriations Committee, the bill would ban body gripping traps including steel-jawed leg-hold traps, conibear traps and strangulation neck snares within the National Wildlife Refuge system. This would effectively remove trapping from the 1/3rd of the 150 million acres of federal national wildlife refuges in which trapping takes place.

By design traps are cruel, dangerous, and indiscriminate in the suffering, injury and stress they cause, regardless of who or what steps into them, be they endangered species, pets, children, or adults. They have no place on wildlife refuges, which consist of the most comprehensive, diverse collection of wildlife habitats in the world, providing a home for more than 380 endangered species and a place for millions of humans to visit each year. The purpose of a wildlife refuge is to provide, well… a place of refuge, a safe haven.

Let us move now to help restore the goal of restoring refuge to refuges by finding cosponsors to HR 5127. For more information on the bill and who to contact, check out the Animal Legal Defense Fund

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