Hearings Begin for the Draft EIS on Willow Project


The first public hearing for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Willow Master Development Plan is tonight, 6-8PM at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks!

The Willow Plan (at the request of ConocoPhillips Alask Inc.) proposes five drill sites, an operations center pad, airstrips hundred of miles of ice and gravel roads, and over 300 miles of pipeline, some of which would run under rivers.

This is just one of several massive infrastructure proposals to hit northern Alaska, along with the Ambler project and the leasing of the Coastal Plain of ANWR. If allowed to move forward, the Willow Plan will have massive impacts on areas within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, including the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area. The draft itself recognizes that “limitations to subsistence access and the reduced resource availability attributable to development of the Project would result in an extensive interference with Nuiqsut hunter access”.

This project cannot be allowed to move forward. Please consider attending the hearing tonight, or in the very least submitting a comment. Public comments end October 15.

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