Alaskans for Wildlife

Alberta’s Been Poisoning its Wolves

Alberta, Canada has been poisoning its wolves since 2005 as part of their “caribou recovery strategy”. The International Fund for Animal Wildlife recently supported a study on the public acceptability of predator control in Alberta,

AFW Comments on Plan for DNP Lakes

 October 22, 2019 We wish to offer our observations on the NPS/DNP proposal for Kantishna and Wonder Lakes in Denali National Park. This proposal includes creating increased recreation opportunities, such as: a network of trails (up

France Approves Bird Trapping

The French government has just approved the legal trapping and hunting of more than 150,000 wild birds in France this season. These birds will be able to be hunted in a variety of methods, many

Endangered Species Act Rollbacks

The Endangered Species Act is one of the most effective environmental laws ever enacted. 99% of species protected under the Endangered Species Act have not gone extinct in the forty years that the Act has

The Reality of Wolf Closures in Alaska

An often heard complaint against closures to the killing of wolves by those who dislike the idea of national park lands in Alaska goes something like this: “Isn’t 6 million acres enough?”   This comment

DNP Wolf Viewing Success Plummets

As many feared earlier this summer, the success of wolf viewing for the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Denali National Park & Preserve has plummeted, possibly to historic lows, due in part to previous