BLM Suspends Oil and Gas Leases.. Again

Great news for the fate of our public lands and the climate! The Trump administration‘s relentless push to open public lands in western United States to oil and gas extraction has tripped over its own feet. In September, the BLM office in Utah quietly and voluntarily stopped the sale of 130 oil and gas leases in the state and ceased production on an additional 117 plots. This abrupt suspension comes after advocacy groups sued on the grounds that the BLM had failed to adequately  assess the effects the new leases and production on climate change.

This is not the first time this year that the BLM has pulled back on leases in Utah; at least three other similar suspensions have occurred, all following pushback from advocacy groups. Some environmental advocates point out that the suspensions in Utah could be a larger, BLM-wide issue. If so, it could lead to the suspension even more leases in the West.

Keep raising your voices and supporting your environmental advocacy groups! Our pushback is showing some real, incredible results.

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