BC Study Finds No Evidence to Support Predator Control

A new study released in British Columbia has found no evidence that the government-sponsored killing of wolves there has had any effect on the population of endangered caribou. The new research directly questions an earlier study that was used to justify the BC government’s wolf killing program.

The implications of this new study are profound. Shortly after the earlier study this new research refutes, the BC government dumped $2 million into an expanded wolf program, which killed well over 400 wolves over the 2019-2020 winter. The new research proves that these deaths were needless, as it is the loss of intact habitat that is effecting the population of the endangered caribou. The destruction of old growth forest via large scale forestry and oil and gas activities is to blame for the waning populations of caribou, not predation by wolves.

“If managers are interested in using the best available evidence to inform policy, these findings should trigger an immediate re-evaluation of expensive, socially contentious – and ultimately ineffective – policy,” said Chris Darimont, co-author on the study, Professor at the University of Victoria, and Science Director for Raincoast Conservation Foundation. 

For more information, check out the Rain Coast Conservation Foundation article here.

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