Alaska Wildlife Hero: Rick Steiner

The Alaska Wildlife Hero this week is Rick Steiner,  who is also recognized by The Guardian as an internationally renowned marine biologist.

“Your insights, tenaciousness, professionalism and communication skills are changing the course of Alaska’s cruel policies..” writes one  Alaskan admire,r who recognizes Rick Steiner as one of Alaska’s premier wildlife advocates in his tenacious and aggressive pursuit of enlightened policy for Denali National Park wolves.

Former University of Alaska Professor of Marine Conservation, Rick Steiner, the owner and proponent of Oasis Earth, his project consulting with governments, and private citizen groups to speed transition to a sustainable society, is among wildlife’s most aggressive, smart and valuable humans working toward an enlightened Alaska policy for Alaska wildlife.

Rick authored our recent petition to Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game and the Alaska Board of Game seeking an emergency closure to prevent the destroying of Denali National Park wolves, including breeding pairs that stray beyond the park’s protective northeast border, subjecting them to destruction by trapping and hunting on non park land.

Rick’s marine conservation services have taken him to the round corners of the earth, from Cordova 83/97 through the Exxon Valdez oil spill, to the BP/Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, all the way to consulting on oil and environmental dilemmas in Russia, the Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and the South Pacific. 

His focus presently is on pursuing ecological habitat and biodiversity conservation, including deep sea mining. 

Rick and Oasis Earth are also available for presentations, including “Imperiled Arctic”, featuring 300 spectacular Arctic photographs, which he offers to the general public to encourage understanding and engagement. 

We salute his powerful efforts on behalf enlightened policy for Alaska’s wildlife.

Check out Oasis Earth HERE.

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