Aeriel Wolf Hunting is Back in Unit 13

Aerial wolf hunting is back in Unit 13 Intensive Management Area.

Alaskans for Wildlife strongly opposes the Intensive Management (IM) response by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a 1994 political, not scientific, legislative manuever by the Alaska Legislature to turn Alaska wildlands from their natural biological diversity into game farms, manipulating the wildlife balance by eliminating apex predators. The IM practice has killed thousands of wolves over past decades at outrageous costs, using public monies with little desired results.

Intensive Management Act must head for repeal as a political act that destroys biodiversity and brutalizes target carnivores. It has been effectively reducing naturally occurring wildland ecosystems into farms under the Alaskan Departmen of Fish and Game, which should perhaps be renamed the Alaska Department of Farming Game.

Check out the full story from Alaskas Dispatch News here.

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