A Win for Yellowstone Grizzlies

A highly significant win for Yellowstone grizzlies has been cast by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals! The court has decided to uphold a 2018 ruling that the Trump administration violated the Endangered Species Act when they removed protection from the iconic grizzly. 

The court has ruled that the Yellowstone grizzly must remain protected under the Act, 

and explained that a “commitment to increase population size” is “required to ensure long-term viability”, describing the grizzly bear as “an iconic symbol of the Rocky Mountain west.” This decision is a win that will prevent the bears being hunted as trophies. 

“Hunting these beautiful animals around a national park should never be an option” states a senior attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity. Senator John Barrasso (R WY), chairing the US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and a well known foe of conservation of wolves and bears, called the decision “flat wrong,” stating Wyoming has a strong science based grizzly management plan.

For more information, check out the Center for Biological Diversity’s press release here.

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