Black Bear Hunts Approved in Chugach State Park

Yesterday, two proposals to allow bear hunting in two new areas of Chugach State Park were approved by the the Alaska Board of Game. The two areas are McHugh Creek and Upper Campbell Creek Drainage Area, adjacent to Powerline Pass. Board Chairman Ted Spraker claims that these hunts were proposed to reduce conflicts between bears and humans in those areas, after public concerns were supposedly raised about the proximity of bears living near Anchorage. Spraker claims that opening up bear hunts will make the hiking trails safer.

These two new hunting areas still need approval by Chugach State Park before they can be formalized, and Park Superintendent Kurt Hansel is questioning the need for more black bear hunting in the park, as well as additional safety concerns of having hunters near where the public recreates.

Check out the full story from KTVA here.

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