Alaskans for Wildlife

Aeriel Wolf Hunting is Back in Unit 13

Aerial wolf hunting is back in Unit 13 Intensive Management Area. Alaskans for Wildlife strongly opposes the Intensive Management (IM) response by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a 1994 political, not scientific,

A year and a half ago, British Columbia banned grizzly bear hunts, citing that they were no longer socially acceptable. The move was supported by First Nations people, including Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, who called

The Demise of the Riley Creek Pack

This splendid black beauty was photographed by a visitor to Denali National Park right on the park road. The visitor was understandably thrilled to see and photograph this gorgeous park wolf up close and personal.


Looking for the right organization to support with this year’s Pick.Click.Give? Check out Trustees for Alaska, Alaska’s only environmental law firm. For over forty years, they have used the law to fight for the wild